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My Name is Peaches!

My Name Is Peaches!” stands as a refreshing peach cobbler wheat ale, a vibrant celebration of taste and creativity meticulously brewed at Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative. This ale is bursting with the rich flavors of ripe peaches; this ale indulges the palate and contributes to meaningful causes. A portion of the proceeds from “My Name Is Peaches!” are dedicated to supporting the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization and our Partnership Engagement Fund Partners, which include L.L.C.O.O.L.J., Colectiva Bilingüe, Black Business Enterprises, Loving Lotus, and Broadcast the Bridge.

Amidst the confluence of flavor and philanthropy, Elisheba Israel Mrozik emerges as a noteworthy figure in the artistic realm. A Memphis native and alumna of Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Mrozik has established herself as a distinguished multidisciplinary artist and Tattooist. Influenced by a transformative high school exchange in Japan, her work explores black identity.

In 2007, Mrozik etched her name in Middle Tennessee’s history by becoming the region’s first licensed black tattoo artist, a milestone marked by the inauguration of One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour in Nashville. Her artistic prowess has graced renowned institutions such as The First Art Museum and the National Museum of African American Music, showcasing her commitment to elevating black voices in the art world.

Beyond personal accolades like those earned from participating in InkMaster and appearances on BET’s “About Her Business,” Elisheba Mrozik’s impact extends to public art commissions that enhance Nashville’s cultural tapestry. Recognizing the importance of diversity in art, she founded an arts agency dedicated to empowering black women through community-engaged fine art, exemplifying her commitment to fostering inclusivity in the creative sphere.

Mrozik’s artistic range is evident in her collaborative installation “Blood at the Root” at The First Art Museum and her portfolio featuring coloring books, award-winning tattoos, sculptures, and large-scale murals. As a North Nashville Arts Coalition leader, she actively fosters emerging artists of color and seamlessly integrates art with social purpose.


Amidst her artistic endeavors, Elisheba Israel Mrozik embraces the role of a devoted mother to two, embodying the ethos of leaving the world in a better state than she found it. Through her unwavering dedication to art, identity, and community engagement, Mrozik emerges as a transformative force in the contemporary artistic landscape.