The particulars:
Custom made medallions will be awarded for Best of Show:
1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place as determined by a panel of BJCP judges.

Brewery staff will select one beer from the Best of Show round to be scaled up and brewed on the Broken Clock system and it will be sold to the public.
Note: The staff reserves the right to select any beer from the BOS round.

Each entry is $7.

Brewers must submit two 12 ounce longneck bottles, devoid of distinguishing markings, labels, etc.  Preference is for silver or gold caps, but marked out caps will be accepted as long as they are not distinctive.  Each bottle should be labeled with the webform emailed to you upon form submission.  Attach a label to each bottle with a rubber band – no tape or glue.  It’s recommended to put the label in a small ziplock bag in case of breakage.  No bottles will be returned to homebrewers under any circumstances.  Maximum of 5 entries per brewer.

Approximately 50 entries will be accepted for this first competition.  The first 50 paid entries will be considered, however, if an entry is disqualified for any reason, the next paid entry in line will be admitted.  Any entries that were paid, but not accepted due to competition size limitations will be refunded.  If we are able to get enough judges, we may accept more than 50 entries which will be announced on this website.

The selected beer recipe and process MUST be provided to Broken Clock Cooperative.  The scaled up recipe becomes the property of Broken Clock Cooperative with no rights of any kind to the winning homebrewer.  By submitting an entry to this competition, you agree to these terms.

Deadline for registration and delivery is September 2nd at 6pm at the brewery (formerly 56 Brewing), located here:

3134 California Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418

The winning homebrewer is invited to participate in the brewing session. Any transportation, lodging or other logistical costs are solely the responsibility of the homebrewer.

Other restrictions:

  • No sour beers will be accepted.
  • No cider or mead will be accepted.
  • All ingredients used must be readily available in commercial quantities.
  • No entries are permitted from Brew on Premise or Professional systems. All entries must be brewed by the entrant (for instance, no entries will be accepted from wort giveaways).
  • All assisting brewers must be named to ensure proper attribution.
  • Only one entry will be accepted per subcategory.

Clocktoberfest Entry Form

Brewer Info:

Designed By: Anthony Jacques

Nordic Night

Winter Spiced Ale
ABV 6.3% | IBU 46

Biscuity, nutty, carmely brown ale brewed with brown sugar and praline pecans from Midwest Northern Nut. Inspired by Jeremy Gharineh #16

Artwork Coming Soon

Community Kölsch

ABV 5.2% | IBU 32

Originally only brewed in Köln, Germany, we've put our touch on this light - medium bodied beer with a very pale color, hop bitterness is medium to slightly assertive.

This beer will be ready for Art-a-whirl weekend 5/19